Cheaping Out

While surfing the Reddits today I came across this image:

Purple Screen of Death points to USB Stick

Most likely a failing USB stick boot device. Why do so many IT deployments fall into this trap of making their ultra-expensive highly-available virtualization stacks fall over when a crappy $10 USB stick or SD card dies?

Carve up a tiny partition on your local storage. Carve out a tiny LUN on your SAN for diskless FC/FCoE nodes. Modern servers can usually boot from iSCSI using their onboard NICs. And there’s PXE, tho that can leave you in a really bad place if the vCenter and Auto Deploy servers become unavailable.

The underlying storage doesn’t need to be highly performant, it just needs to be more reliable than a shitty USB/SD device.

I have never and will never deploy VMware on a USB stick. Even my home lab boots from my FC SAN.


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